Working languages
Uzbek ↔ German
Russian ↔ German
Uzbek ↔ Russian


General texts, letters, brochures, flyers, informational leaflets, posters, etc.

Certified translations:
• Pasports
• Birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates
• School certificates
• University diplomas and attachments
• Driving licences
• Certificates
• and much more

• Translations of legal texts pertaining to criminal or civil law
• Court judgments, indictments from the prosecutor’s office
• Various documents from government agencies and public authorities
• Contracts and agreements (work contracts, purchase agreements)
• Applications
• and more

Medicine and Pharmacy
• Medical certificates
• Brochures and flyers
• Reports and expertise
• International regulatory affairs
• Package inserts

Technology and the Food Industry
• User manuals and operating instructions
• Packaging labels

Audio and Video
• Audio-visual translations
• Transcription of the audio-visual materials
• Subtitles, e.g. for movies

Certified translations
I am authorised to certify the accuracy and completeness of my translations and apply my official stamp to these translations. These translations are accepted by public authorities and institutions and do not require further certification by a notary or other official.

English and Spanish
I also speak English and Spanish and can perform simple translations out of these languages into Uzbek and Russian. However, I cannot certify these translations, as I am not authorised to do so for these languages.